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Container Grown Amsonia Care – Tips On Keeping A Blue Star In A Pot Information

Container Grown Amsonia Care – Tips On Keeping A Blue Star In A Pot

By: Teo SpenglerAmsonia are definitely wild at heart, yet they make excellent potted plants. These native wildflowers offer both sky-blue blossoms and feathery green foliage that flushes to gold in autumn. Read on for more information on potted amsonia.Can You Grow Amsonia in a Container?Can you grow amsonia in a container?

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Coleria Interesting


The genus of plants Koleria is a representative of the Gesneriev family, it includes about 65 species. In nature, this plant can be found from Mexico to Central America, and also in Colombia and on the island of Trinidad. The name of this plant was given in honor of Michael Kohler, who lived in Zurich in the 19th century and was a famous teacher.

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Aphids: definition and meaning New

Aphids: definition and meaning

BOTANICAL APHID DICTIONARY Insects known as plant lice, belonging to the order of the Rhynchota, which live mainly in the buds of plants at the expense of the lymph, in often very numerous colonies. To learn more: The main enemies of our plants: aphids. Botanical dictionary from & 39; A to Z.

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Leaf Print Art Ideas: Making Prints With Leaves Information

Leaf Print Art Ideas: Making Prints With Leaves

By: Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban AgriculturistThe natural world is a wonderful place full of diversity of form and shape. Leaves illustrate this variety beautifully. There are so many shapes of leaves in the average park or garden and even more in the forest. Collecting some of these and making prints with leaves is a fun and educational family activity.

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Haworthiopsis limifolia New

Haworthiopsis limifolia

Browsing: Haworthiopsis limifoliaSucculentopediaHaworthiopsis limifolia var. ubomboensisHaworthiopsis limifolia var. ubomboensis, formerly known as Haworthia limifolia var. ubomboensis, is a small succulent that forms rosettes…SucculentopediaHaworthiopsis limifolia & 39;Spider White& 39; (Fairies Washboard)Haworthiopsis limifolia & 39;Spider White& 39;, formerly known as Haworthia limifolia & 39;Spider White& 39;, is a delightful succulent plant that forms a…SucculentopediaHaworthiopsis limifolia var.

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Strawberry care video after fruiting - whisker removal Miscellanea

Strawberry care video after fruiting - whisker removal

Care Published: Last edits: Video of strawberry care after harvest. Many gardeners visit a strawberry garden only when it is possible to pick a berry on it, and then they forget about bushes, but caring for strawberries after fruiting is also very important. they need to be removed.

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