Aloe cream

Aloe cream

Aloe cream

On the market we can find a very large number of aloe-based creams, which act with a beneficial action on every type of skin.

In some cases, we find aloe-based creams that are more effective in treating the face, hands and body.

In particular, we can find a varied number of face creams, which allow you to fight stress and tension in an extremely effective way, as well as chapping and redness.

How to use it

The methods of use regarding the aloe cream must be the following, at least in most cases: the application of the aloe creams must take place during the morning and during the evening, especially on the skin of the face, which must have been previously washed and cleaned accurately and adequately.

The application of the aloe vera-based cream must occur through small and delicate frictions and, later, wait for the cream to be completely absorbed by the skin.

It is important to take into consideration the fact that any type of contact with between the aloe cream and the eyes must be avoided, since it could cause a noticeable sense of burning.

Equally important must be given to the instructions for use, since it is essential to carefully close the bottle containing the aloe cream and store it in a place sheltered from light and any type of heat source.

When to use it

There are many aloe vera-based creams on the market that are characterized by carrying out a purely protective activity against the skin and regenerating with respect to the tissues.

It is a particularly valid solution for all those subjects who often have to deal with chapped skin or characterized by continuous redness (especially during the winter season, when the harsh climate and low temperatures certainly favor skin dryness. ).

Numerous creams based on aloe vera that are used for face and hand care allow, in fact, to guarantee adequate protection against a large number of atmospheric agents, such as cold, gusts of wind and the 'pollution.

In some cases, moreover, the creams based on aloe vera are also characterized by the performance of an interesting anti-stress action, which allows to effectively counteract the signs that distinguish the aging process.

Furthermore, aloe-based creams for the face and hands are able to give adequate protection even against all those degenerative situations that refer to fine dust, as well as air pollution, UVA and UVB rays.

Often the creams based on aloe vera also denote the presence of other phytoextracts, such as those of red grapes and green tea, as well as argan oil, which also allow to perform a contrast activity against the proliferation on the skin of all those harmful components, such as nitrogen oxides or free radicals.


The aloe cream is characterized by carrying out an important moisturizing and emollient activity: in most cases, it allows to return to the skin a considerable sense of elasticity and firmness, but also allows to effectively counteract the symptoms of aging, especially due to the simultaneous action of a high number of vegetable components.

The aloe cream does not have, in most cases, preservatives inside and is often used for the treatment of all those significantly dry or dehydrated skins.

Often the presence of other plant components allows to carry out an enhanced beneficial activity against particular disorders.

For example, the presence of vitamins that make up group A and group E in a large number of aloe-based creams, allows, in the first case, an improvement in epithelial trophism and, consequently, also in reference to the skin and, in the second case, it also allows the carrying out of an important antioxidant activity that is able to effectively fight free radicals.

Where to buy it

Aloe vera-based creams can be safely purchased at herbalists: they can often be easily found even at cosmetic stores, while it is already more difficult to find them in pharmacies.


It is advisable to pay particular attention to all those cosmetic products that have a rather low cost, since it could also be quite frequently, an indication of poor quality.

We must not forget how a good quality cream based on aloe vera has a price of around fifteen to twenty euros.

Obviously, the price can be raised due to the brand, although in many cases, it is better to look at the characteristics of the cream rather than advertising aspects.

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