Pilosella mother tincture

Pilosella mother tincture


Pilosella is one of those plants that have remarkable diuretic and also draining properties, which are often extremely useful for effectively counteracting both water retention and weight gain.

This plant can be considered as a valid ally for all those people who must respect a particular slimming cure and need to drastically decrease those areas that are called "fat pads".

The Pilosella plant is characterized by having important antiseptic, but also antibacterial, astringent and anti-haemorrhagic properties.

Thanks to the thick presence and concentration of polyphenols, we must underline how Pilosella is absolutely capable of guaranteeing the development of an important natural antibiotic action.

The rich presence of active ingredients, such as triterpenes and curarines, certainly allow to guarantee also remarkable astringent and anti-inflammatory properties.

It is a plant that is also quite frequently used for the treatment of kidney and bladder infections, since it is a good hypo-azotemic and dechlorinating.

We are talking about a plant that manages to counteract diarrhea attacks and irritations that hit the intestinal system with excellent effectiveness.

When using

The mother tincture of Pilosella is characterized by carrying out an important antibiotic action, especially due to the large concentration of polyphenols inside it.

This mother tincture also represents a good source of diuretic properties and is a natural remedy that is used with good frequency in a large number of treatments: it is used, in fact, to carry out an adjuvant action within slimming treatments, but also in those that go to counter all the imperfections that are caused by cellulite.

The mother tincture of Pilosella is also characterized by carrying out remarkable astringent and anti-haemorrhagic properties.

The ability of Pilosella mother tincture to be an excellent skin anti-inflammatory also allows it to be considered as an important weapon to fight acne.

The mother tincture of Pilosella, after all, represents a food supplement in the herbal field that plays an adjuvant action against the traditional and natural diuresis.

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    There pilosella it is a perennial herbaceous plant that grows spontaneously in areas of North Africa, Western Asia and also in Europe, especially in mountainous areas. It is also known with alt ...

How to use

The most suitable methods of use for the Pilosella mother tincture correspond to about forty drops, which must be diluted in a glass of water, for a mode of intake that should touch three times during the day.

After all, the dosage of Pilosella mother tincture should be considered in the same way as all other mother tinctures, i.e. about thirty forty drops to be taken strictly before meals (at least a quarter of an hour - half an hour before eating).

We remember a small indication: before swallowing, it is always advisable to keep the mother tincture for a few seconds in the mouth, so that we can allow a better absorption of this substance by our body.

It is often recommended not to take the mother tincture of pilosella during the evening or before going to sleep, particularly because of the possibility that it causes an urge to urinate more during the night.


The most used part of the pilosella plant corresponds to the flowering tops.

In any case, it is a plant that is highly regarded in the phytotherapeutic field due to its remarkable antibiotic virtues.

In addition, the pilosella plant also guarantees important anti-inflammatory activities and, in particular, diuretic.

In particular, the diuretic properties of pilosella allow it to carry out a beneficial and stimulating activity directly against the kidneys, so that sodium, chlorine and uric acid can be removed.

Currently no particular interactions are known, although the advice is always that of not associating pilosella-based products with diuretic drugs, in order to avoid an excessive enhancement of this activity.

Pilosella mother tincture: Curiosity

The pilosella is a particularly small plant and is one of those with the smallest size that can boast the ability to guarantee certain health properties.

Precisely because of its extremely small size, the pilosella plant can develop up to a maximum threshold equal to fifteen centimeters in height: despite this disadvantage, it can boast an excellent diffusion, since it adapts with great speed and simplicity to practically every type of land.

This plant was pointed out, for the first time, by Saint Hildegarda, that is the figure that responds to the name of the Abbess of Bingen, due to its remarkable diuretic properties: it is a discovery that was made during the twelfth century .

Pilosella: properties, uses and how to take the natural super draining

Pilosella, a bitter herb with characteristic yellow-orange flowers and typical especially of mountain areas, is considered an excellent draining and detoxifying natural remedy. But what other properties does this plant possess and as it is assumed?

The Hieracium pilosella, also known as pilosella officinalis, is a well known and appreciated natural remedy by those in need of drain, wants to fight the urinary infections or, simply, it needs a little detox.

For the treatment of urinary infections and cystitis

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Boiron® Pilosella Mother Tincture is a homeopathic medicine with no approved therapeutic indications.

Boiron® Pilosella, homeopathic medicine, is a mother tincture with the active ingredient Pilosella (Hieracium pilosella) with an antiseptic action on the urinary tract.

Pilosella is a plant that belongs to the Asteraceae family known for its diuretic and antibiotic properties.

Boiron® Pilosella is useful in case of urinary infections and cystitis.

Pilosella is mainly a diuretic, which doubles the volume of urine, and therefore in phytotherapy it is used in the treatment of cellulite, swelling of the ankles, edema of the lower limbs, water retention especially if resulting from eating disorders or pharmacological treatments.

Thanks to this draining action it promotes the elimination of toxins, useful in case of hypertension, high azotemia, hyperuricemia and rheumatism.

Pilosella is also recognized as having the ability to promote the excretion and outflow of bile (it has a choleretic and cholagogue action), which contributes to liver detoxification.

Boiron® Pilosella is particularly useful in the presence of uric stones and helps to purify the blood of the excesses of a diet rich in animal proteins.

How to use:
30-40 drops of Mother Tincture in a little water, 2 times a day between meals.

Contains Ethanol: inform your doctor in case of liver disease, epilepsy or pregnancy.

Active principles:
Pilosella (Hieracium pilosella).


PILOSELLA mother tincture aerial parts 100 ml

Product description -

Product description:

The Mother Tincture PILOSELLA aerial parts 100 ml assists the physiological function of the kidneys by promoting the drainage of liquids.

Biokyma is an Italian company that cultivates and collects many of the plants used as the basis of mother tinctures, because it believes in the importance of investing in our territory, both in economic terms and in human relations. The extraction of the active ingredients of fresh plants is carried out within a short time after processing the fresh plants, for maximum phytotherapeutic efficiency of the phytocomplex.

The plant processing process and the extraction phase take place within the Biokyma Laboratories, where expert technicians select the best parts and check every step of the process on a daily basis.

The extraction protocol was studied and adapted to the morphological and phytochemical typology of the plant species to be extracted to optimize the extraction of the active ingredients.

It is used in water retention, in the treatment of overweight and in cellulite. The pilosella has a diuretic action, so much so that the intake of the plant in a fresh state doubles the volume of urine.

The diuretic activity is associated with the anti-uric, dechlorinating and antiseptic action. The reparative processes at the level of the bladder are favored. It has antibacterial activity in particular against Brucella.

Therefore it can be used in recurrent cystitis, colibacillosis, urinary lithiasis, cellulite and overweight.

The pilosella also acts in the liver with a purifying action.

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